Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Growing, Growing, Growing

I have to take back what I said earlier about Sadie's growth spurts.  I thought that they were slowing down.  She's been wearing 12-18 month clothes for over a month now and in our world wearing the same size for an entire month means she's not growing quite as fast.  This morning however, I had a hard time figuring out exactly what Sadie was going to wear.  First I tried Sadie's "Baby's First Christmas" Outfit.  She wore this outfit one time, just after Thanksgiving, but I really wanted to save it for closer to Christmas.  When I saw it in the drawer this morning I thought that I should put her in it so that she would wear it more than just a couple of times.  After all, we do so much baby wash that there will definitely be a load done before Christmas in two days.  

The outfit was a twelve month size, because apparently the clothing people think that if a baby is bigger than the twelve month size, it's probably not their first Christmas.  If I'd had the option I would have bought an eighteen month size just to be safe, but when I picked it out two months ago I picked the outfit that looked like it was the biggest of the twelve month options, that is, of the outfits that had the words "Baby's First Christmas" printed across the front.  

This morning we were getting ready to go into town for dentist's appointments and Nani was helping get Sadie ready.  I'd picked out the outfit and was rushing around the house getting the diaper bag ready, when Nani said that she needed a different outfit.  I poked my head into the room and asked why.  She said that she had been able to squeeze the top over Sadie's head (with the two snaps unsnapped) but that the arms wouldn't go down over her shoulders.  She said that she thought the matching reindeer pants might still fit if I could find a shirt that would work with them.  I found a plain white shirt and brought it downstairs.  It was twelve months and looked too small.  We don't actually know if it would have fit though, because we couldn't squeeze her into the reindeer pants.  After looking at several twelve month outfits I opted for a sweatshirt and sweatpants, along with an eighteen month onsie.  

I think Sadie must have grown overnight.  While she has been wearing eighteen month outfits more and more the twelve month outfits still fit until today!  I'm blaming the Sweet Potatoes.  She started the Sweet Potatoes earlier this week and now she's officially gone up another size.  Yup, it's definitely the Sweet Potatoes.  

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