Monday, October 13, 2014

One Last Post before Heading to the Hospital...

It's here!  The big day had finally arrived!

We'll be welcoming our new little guy some time after noon if everything goes as planned. The c-section is scheduled at 12 pm today, and we're supposed to arrive at the hospital at 9:30 this morning!

Last night Paul and I got to go on one last date before the new baby arrives.  For part of the date we went to Mass (which between the virus that I'd had for the last three weeks and the whole "try not to be on your feet" order from labor and delivery right before that I hadn't been able to do for several weeks) and I was able to go to confession and receive a special blessing in preparation of today's surgery.

Then we went out to dinner, marveling that the big day was almost here and just as we were about to head home I realized that I'd forgotten to have my pre-op blood work done all weekend long and we rushed to the hospital's 24 hour lab for blood tests before heading home.

Prayers are really appreciated today, both for the surgery and baby (and me) and for Mae since she definitely has separation anxiety when I'm not in a fifteen foot radius of where she is...

Now for a few last minute pictures... and since we made it to Mass I thought I'd even join in the WIWS fun!

What I wore to Mass... The blue dress is a maternity find I just couldn't resist from Thred Up (fact, when I have store credit I'm more likely to buy a dress that I wouldn't be daring enough to buy on my own... like a $300 maternity dress that is already hugely marked down that suddenly becomes $10 after credit is applied).  The maternity cardigan is from Target.  And the infinity veil is one of my own!

I had to share one picture of the dress. Okay, really it's a picture of the bump.  The giant beach ball sized bump that has definitely made getting around a challenge this month.  I am so, so ready for today.

And a few more of my favorite pictures from our fun last day before the surgery!

Mae has become such a ham around the camera.  She spent quite a bit of time at the park posing for pictures.  She would actually stop in the middle of doing something cute and hold a position and look over and smile at me until I snapped the picture (sometimes then running over to see the picture of herself).  It was pretty amazing!

Now to go finish getting ready! Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us through the this pregnancy and to those of you praying on this beautiful autumn day!  I can hardly wait to meet our little guy... and share his first pictures with you!


  1. Will be praying for you, Baby and family! Love you in that dress.

  2. Praying for the safety of you and your precious baby! Can't wait to see the pictures. :)

  3. Yay!! So excited for you all!! Can't wait to see the new little guy! You really look beautiful in your pregnancy pictures! Congratulations!

  4. It's probably a bit too late to pray for your delivery, but I'll be praying for a quick recovery and a happy, healthy baby! God Bless, and congratulations.


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