Thursday, October 9, 2014

{phfr} Autumn has Arrived Edition


Fall has arrived in Michigan.  A few weeks ago we still found ourselves turning on the air conditioned every now and then on particularly humid days, but then suddenly there was a chill in the air and those days were passed and my favorite season was upon us.

I love fall in Michigan.

I snapped this picture of a rainbow just after a thunderstorm blew through earlier this week.

Most of the trees on our street haven't yet turned.  I'm eagerly awaiting the time when they do!

And I just couldn't resist one picture of our little ballerina.

She went to her first karate class last night. I was a little worried about how she'd like it.

She loved it.

So now she's our little karate loving ballerina princess.


Patch was pretty thrilled to get out of the house and go to the park.  

He and I played a lot of peek a boo through the play structure walls.

Until he realized that his big sisters had headed over to the big playground.

He wasn't okay with that.

So we followed them over to the other side of the yard and he sat on the swings like a big boy!


He tried on Mommy's glasses, but then decided that Daddy's are much, much cooler:

I just had to include Mae's pumpkins.  She and Patch battle over these pumpkins.  She lines them up.  This particular time she lined them up while wearing roller skates and doing a Rubik's Cube.  Patch seems to be opposed to even the faintest hint of order and follows her around trying to destroy her perfectly ordered lines.  But that just gives her another chance to line them back up, which is one of her favorite things to do!

Mae was as excited as Patch to be at the park!


The only thing that came to mind when I thought of "real" was how real it is that the baby will be here, ready or not, in four days.  It's kind of odd to know the exact day.  There's no going past it and being overdue.

Last night I finished the button holes and sewed the buttons onto the coat.  And then I sat staring at it because it might be my favorite thing that I've ever sewn.

Then I debated making a bonnet or knitting a little cap.  The bonnets hardly ever stay on for more than pictures.  I still haven't quite decided yet.

At least at this point even if I finish absolutely nothing else, I have enough for him to wear to his big day... which I need to remind Paul to schedule today!


  1. So you're having your baby on the day of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima! How exciting! Plus it's the feast of St Edward!

  2. I seriously LOVE your fall pictures! We just don't get the opportunity for many of them in Texas. Wow you have some excellent sewing skills. Absolutely love the gown and coat!

  3. I envy your fall colors!
    And am so impressed that you made your own baptismal gown - well done!

  4. I'm getting induced next week too! Just popped over from {p,h,f,r} and what a beautiful seamstress you are! Bless you and your baby and may you have a lovely labor! It is weird knowing the date, huh?


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