Monday, October 6, 2014

The Amazing Moment...

First off, now that my computer is back I'm finally loading all the pictures that I've taken over the last few weeks onto it and I immediately knew that I had to share this.  The wings of Sadie's Halloween costume arrived.  And her reaction in this picture which I snapped after she tried them on, says it all:

Perhaps the biggest moment of the day came when we were at the park before Sadie's ballet class this afternoon.

Mae and Sadie had been playing their favorite game of going down the twisty slide together super fast when the various preschool/day care classes at the rec building next door to the park came out to play.  Mae saw them and sprinted over and started to play with one of the balls they brought out.

Almost immediately a little blonde girl came over and told Mae her name.  After waiting for a moment for a response she looked at me and I said "Her name is Maggie." The little girl smiled and looked at Maggie again before asking me what Maggie's middle name was. When I said "Rose" her face lit up and she went over and started chattering with Mae, happily carrying the conversation for both of them.

They had been over on a play structure, but they ran back over to where the balls were together and Mae picked up the ball and threw it over to her new friend who picked up the ball and threw it back towards Mae and suddenly they were throwing and kicking the ball back and forth and playing and laughing.

In various therapies a lot of work has been done on taking turns and I knew that Mae was tolerating taking turns better than she would have a year ago but I was honestly shocked to see her initiating taking turns with the other kids who were there.

And now for a few pictures our day!  I'm surprised we managed to fit in so much fun because the morning was devoted to checking items off my to do list after Sadie finished school (and that included a grand total of 21 phone calls to various doctor's offices, therapists and social workers before the day was over and I finally had everything sorted out and scheduled and arranged for the coming month).

Now on to the pictures!

And we've now made it another day closer to the scheduled c-section!  Less than a week to go!


  1. That is so exciting about Mae!!!!

  2. What a magnificent butterfly costume! That is really something!
    And Mae! I'm sure you're heart leaps for joy when she makes even small steps forward, so the interaction with a girl unknown to her is wonderful!
    God Bless. ~ Bonnie

  3. The picture of Patch at the playground is stunning! That is photo-contest worthy.


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