Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Resolutions

Today has been fairly busy.  We got up early and went in to town for mass and then headed home so Paul could get some sleep, because he had worked the 2-7am shift.  I had worried when we went to bed at 10pm that the alarm wouldn't go off and that he would miss work, because I think my cell phone is on its last legs.  Sadie did pretty well at church, but I don't think she was feeling well because she was extra cuddly and kept resting her head against my chest.  Usually she sits up and watches everything!  I woke Paul up at 1pm to go into town for our first "date" in over six months.  Sadie stayed home with Nani and Grumpa.  We saw Bedtime Stories, which was really funny and then got some frozen yogurt at the only ice cream place that was open on New Years Day.  

When we got home Sadie was in the middle of the living room playing peek-a-boo with Nani and laughing hysterically.  When she pulled her bear snuggle blanket down and saw that I was there she really got wild.  Then she remembered that I had been gone and got a little bit fussy.  But I think we can say that the day was a success.

I was thinking about New Years Resolutions today and I have one.  Mine is (so typical) to reach my pre-pregnancy weight.  I gained 42 lbs when I was pregnant with Sadie.  I tell myself that those books that say you should gain 20-25 lbs are for women who have 5 lb babies, not an almost-ten-pounder.  I've lost 30lbs.  12lbs to go!

Here are Sadie's Resolutions:  
1)  Catch Pumpkin.  Then Catch Delilah.  She's not sure she wants to catch Sammy.  Sammy gives her mean looks.
2)  Continue to wrap Daddy around her little finger.
3)  Learn to walk so she can chase after the cats.
4)  Eat Grown Up Food.  Convince Mom she's allergic to Peas.
5)  Catch Pumpkin and kiss her nose.  
6)  Bite Delilah's tail.
7)  Figure out how to escape from the crib so she can toddle over to the bed.

Poor Pumpkin.  It's only a matter of time...

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