Monday, January 19, 2009

Splish Spash in the Brand New Bath!

I think tonight may be a very long night.  Sadie started coughing this morning, but I wasn't too worried because she thinks that coughing is funny and so she does little fake coughs all the time.  Her cough sounded more real this morning, but she laughed hysterically after each cough.  It really didn't seem like she was feeling sick.  It was supposed to be warm and sunny in Redding and Nani and Grumpa were taking a quick trip in to visit Hoho, so Sadie and I tagged along to get a little fresh air.  Sadie seemed fine all day long.  

Nani picked out a new bath tub for Sadie at Target, because she's getting really long for her old one.  The new one is pink and has a high back on one side where she can sit up straight and a slopped back on the other side.  

I wasn't sure how bath time was going to go tonight because of the change.  Sadie's really brave when trying new things, but she's also very devoted to her schedule.  The normal schedule is this: Sadie takes her bath, we put on buttermilk lotion, she gets in her sleep sack and we head down stairs.  During the bath we sing the Rubber Ducky Song.  Half way down the stairs we stop on the landing so she can reach up and touch the red and yellow trim on one of the quilts that hang over the banister and then we say goodnight to Grumpa.  If Daddy is home we say goodnight to him too.  Then it's bed time.

The new bath tub was a hit.  It's deeper than the other tub too, but Sadie was fearless and she even sat up like a big girl instead of laying back like a newborn.  And she finally realized what a rubber duck is (I've showed her the ducks before, but she never really paid attention to them until tonight).  Unfortunately she thinks that a Rubber Duck is a food source.  

After the bath things went down hill fast.  We got all ready for bed and went down stairs.  She was laying back against me and I realized that she was really warm.  Her breathing started to get a little stuffy too.  I took her back upstairs and took her temperature.  101.4.  She was still giggly and happy.  We went in the bathroom and breathed steam, while Grumpa went over and got the penguin humidifier from Great Grandpa and Great Grandma's house.  She also took a baby dose of tylenol to try to knock the fever down.  

Another half hour passed and she got really stuffy and was having a hard time breathing.  I used the little nasal aspirator to try to help her, but that only ended in a hysterical crying fit with lots of tears.  The crying made her even hotter and it was getting even harder for her to breath.  I bundled her up and took her outside (thank you Gramma!  I would never have figured out how much that would help if you hadn't told me!), where it is cold (while it's warm during the day, we've been getting hard freezes at night).  She stopped crying the second we stepped outside and took some really deep breaths.  When we came back inside she fell asleep after about two minutes and is now sleeping soundly (and still breathing easily).  Paul is still at work and is going to be surprised by all of this when he gets home because when he left she wasn't even really sick.  

I am prepared for a long night.  Earlier in the night she could breath easily as long as she was propped up, so I'm not sure the crib or the bed is going to work.  We may be spending a good portion of the night on the couch (at least it reclines!).  

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