Saturday, January 10, 2009

More "First Words"

Today Sadie said her first word.  I'm ignoring the fact that she has already said "hi" "no" and "hello" (this is rather difficult to do since we have her saying "no" as the answer to a question on a recording of Christmas morning) and three people witnessed it when she said "hello."  Those are not the first words that I had in mind for Sadie.  This is.    

About four days ago when Sadie started to get fussy, I noticed that she was saying the same sound over and over again.  It sounded like "A-ma...A-ma...A-ma..." and while she said it she lifted her little arms up for me to pick her up.  Three days ago she did it again, on two different occasions.  Yesterday she started saying, "mmmmm A-ma... mmmmm A-ma..." so that it almost sounded like "mama."  

This morning she had plenty of opportunity to practice her new word.  It was 24 degrees when we woke up (I know that's not cold for a lot of you, but it felt pretty cold to me) and I still have a cough so I avoided bundling Sadie up and taking her on a walk until it warmed up.  After a few days of warm weather Sadie has apparently decided that our twice daily walk is part of her daily routine and that time in the exersaucer, while good, is not a substitute for our regularly scheduled walk.  So she fussed through tummy time, which is now more like rolling time, and she fussed through exersaucer time and she took breaks to fuss while she was nursing.  She even fussed while she had a great big smile on her face playing with her toys.  I explained to her that fussing while smiling really makes the whine unbelievable, but she didn't seem convinced.  Throughout all this whining it sounded to me like she was saying "mama."  I didn't point it out to anyone because I thought it might just be wishful thinking (and because everyone else was out and about).  

This afternoon Paul and I had a date day (which is really more like two hours) and watched a movie (complete with kettle corn and soda, which destroyed my lose the baby weight resolution for the entire day) while Nani and Grumpa watched Sadie.  Sadie hadn't taken her afternoon nap when we were getting ready to go, so I nursed her until she fell asleep and then popped Flowered Binkie into her mouth and handed her over to Nani.  When we got back to the house Nani said that Sadie had woken up minutes after I'd walked out the door.  And she had been unhappy to learn that she had been left.  Nani noticed that when she was fussing she whined while repeating the word "mama, mama, mama" over and over.  

So Sadie's new word isn't just a figment of my imagination.  She really is saying something that sounds like "Mama."  I'll just keep pretending that I didn't hear her say "NO!" first.

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