Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Growing Girl: Church, Restaurant and Sippy Cups

Sadie is asleep for the night (or at least for the hour).  She woke up seven times last night, which comes out to once every hour, for me at least, although it wasn't quite spaced that way.  You would think that a baby that was up that much at night would take long naps during the day, but she only went down for an hour for her morning nap and then refused to take her afternoon nap altogether.  

During the first months of Sadie's life we sat in a little room that's off the back of the church so that we could close the door if she had a complete meltdown and needed to nurse or be changed (our church is really small and doesn't have an official kid's/baby's room like some of the bigger churches).  When we went during the week we would sit out with everybody else, but on the weekends when it was crowded the little room was perfect.  In the last few weeks we have graduated from the little room and have started sitting out with everyone else.  And Sadie loves it.

She can see things a lot better sitting on my lap out in the pews than she could through the doorway of the little room and actually sits pretty still most of the time.  Today there was a tiny baby (I mean really tiny!  Sadie was never that small!) two rows behind us and Sadie noticed her right away and spent a fair amount of time peering over Paul's shoulder at her.  

After church we went to breakfast at Marino's.  Sadie's curiosity about everything around her continues to blossom.  She sat in the high chair with her Floppy and surveyed the room.  After she spent a bit of time trying to lick the table I decided to distract her with one of her favorite toys, Bug.  Sadie's first experiment of he day involved holding Bug straight out to the side, looking at Paul to make sure that he was watching and then intentionally dropping (and at times throwing) Bug onto the floor.  

After picking Bug up for the fifteenth time, breakfast was served and I pulled out the red sippy cup that I had been saving to distract Sadie from our food (which she thinks that she's ready for).  Sadie slurped down half of the water in her sippy cup in a matter of minutes and then started experimenting with the limitations of a "spill proof" sippy cup.  She very intentionally held the sippy cup straight out to the side, looked at the "sippy" part and then started shaking it over and over again.  I watched her do this three times before I was absolutely sure that she really was trying to spill the water onto the floor, just to see what would happen.  It's going to be a real adventure when she starts feeding herself.  I have a feeling things are going to get very messy around here.

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