Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Squeals, Squawks and Smiles

Sadie was in fine form this morning.  She has a great sense of timing, particularly when we're at church.  I can tell that she's about to squeal (it's not a scream but a joyful little squawk) when she flings her arms straight out to the side and takes a deep breath.  I try to pop Binkie into her mouth when I hear her take the breath, but she's now learned to squeal loudly while sucking on Binkie.  Her squawks usually come whenever there's a pause or silence but they can also follow something that she finds hilarious (who knew that there is so much for a six month old to find funny during mass).  She can also blow raspberries with Binkie in (I'm not sure how that's even possible).  Besides frequent Binkie use I also try jiggling and swaying but she can't really take all this hushing seriously when I'm trying not to laugh.  For the most part though, she sits pretty quietly.  I think that today she averaged one squeal every five minutes (maybe a little bit more towards the end).  

However the high point of Sadie's day came a little bit later when we met Nani and Grumpa and went to Burger King.  Sadie was sitting in her high chair (whenever we go to Burger King I'm especially thankful for her floppy seat cover because the high chairs are sticky) and another Grandma and Grandpa came and sat at the booth next to us with their grandson.  He was a cute little boy with blonde curls who was about a year old and his high chair was only about three feet away from Sadie.  He saw her right away and smiled and kept glancing over.  Nani and I tried to get her to look over ("Sadie look, there's a big boy") because she's usually so funny when she sees other babies.  After looking over at her about four times with no reaction the little boy said "hi."  Sadie glanced over and then turned to face the other way.  She was fascinated by Donny the fifteen year old boy that worked at Burger King who was sweeping the floor.  He was busy sweeping and clearing tables, but Sadie thought he was the greatest and smiled and even raised her hand to wave (she's starting to wave now!).  Yes, the high point of Sadie's day was watching the floor be swept at Burger King.  

Maybe I should try putting her in her high chair and sweeping the kitchen the next time she gets fussy.  


  1. hello,
    got here thru the mom blogs, and let me say that your daughter is so adorable! her eyes is an angel eyes, amazingly pretty.

  2. Hi Everybody! Thank you! I can't believe how much she grows and changes every single day.


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