Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello! (another new word)

Everyone in the house has been getting sick and I thought that I had missed it.  First Paul was sick, then Nani was sick, then Paul was sick again and then Sadie caught whatever has been going around.  After nearly a month of good health where everyone (except Grumpa) was sipping soup and going through boxes of tissues I developed a false sense of security.  If I was going to get sick, I thought, I would already be sick.  I got a flu shot (I told myself this during a wild bought of overconfidence, ignoring the fact that Paul had gotten a flu shot too, the same flu shot, and hadn't been miraculously saved).  When I woke up this morning I felt a hint of alarm at the tiny sore feeling at the back of my throat.  I brushed the worry aside.  I do not have time to be sick.  The air must be dry in the house.  Yes, that's it, the air is dry.  

I am now sick.  Full blown, achy, sore throat, chills and coughing, sick.  So my blog may be short tonight.  Or I may run on the way I usually do, because when I sit very still and only move my fingers to type, it really isn't all that bad.  

Sadie is adding new words to her vocabulary each week.  We now have "hi" and "no" but until today she hadn't ventured beyond using single syllables.  We went to Fedex Kinko's to print out my first novel (that's right I finally did it!  Printing out seven copies, one to keep, three for contests and three for agents: added up to 2100 pages, which comes out to $181 of paper.  Now this thing better win something or get published!  Otherwise it's a huge waste of an entire weeks pay after taxes.).  Paul already had Sadie out of the car and I was fishing around through my binder for my CD when I heard a high pitched voice say "hello."  I looked up and saw an elderly woman looking in our direction with an odd expression on her face.  I smiled and got out of the car.  

"She just said hello!"  Paul said the words as we made our way across the parking lot and I glanced over at Sadie to see her smiling happily.  "That woman did?"  I thought he meant that Sadie had said hello, but it just didn't seem possible.  "No.  Sadie said hello."  

That's right!  At six months old, Sadie's third word is "hello!"

Would I be too much of a mom if I said she's a genuis?!?!

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