Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sadie's Big Date

Sadie couldn't believe her luck today.  Not only did she get to watch a three month old baby sleep in the pew behind us at church (which made her a little fussy because the baby wasn't paying attention to her.  She was busy sleeping) but she had a date.  A Play Date.  

Kate and I met the summer before second grade and while she now lives with her husband Chris and son Finley all the way across the country in Pennsylvania, they were out on a quick trip to California and they drove all the way out here to visit today.  We hadn't seen each other since the first summer after college, more than four years ago.  When they got out of the car, Sadie could not believe her eyes.  There was an actual boy at her house. 

She watched him very carefully.  He is seventeen months old and can already run and jump and climb.  After coming inside the house for a few minutes we went on a walk to feed the horses and see the river. 

Sadie was bundled into her stroller for the walk, while Finley alternated between walking and being carried.  He was very interested in the wheels of the stroller (the Bob Stroller does have giant wheels to go through the mud and rocks) and in Sadie's blanket.  There was also a pine cone that caught his eye and a fascinating piece of bark.  After the walk we headed inside.  

Finley thought Sadie's nose and toes were funny and she seemed to think that he was absolutely fascinating (although at times she was a little overwhelmed by having another baby in her house and hid her eyes.  She couldn't believe that he was actually there, playing with her!).  He also was big enough to go outside to sit on Grumpa's tractor, Big Red.  

After dinner Sadie was sitting on my lap on the recliner and Fin kept bringing over toys and handing them to me and then looking at Sadie to tell me that I needed to hand the toys to Sadie.  He's a good little sharer.  

Now you might be wondering about the picture above, and asking yourself how it ties in to this particular blog.  Well, it is Paul's favorite picture of our wedding day (it is kind of funny!).  When I saw how the picture above of Finley and Sadie looking in opposite direction turned out (we were trying to get a cute picture of them looking at each other) it reminded me of that picture.  Especially since Kate and I had just finished explaining to Chris and Paul how Fin and Sadie are betrothed (we also explained that it's not like it's an arranged wedding, because when they met it was clearly love at first sight.).  

They think that we're kidding.  They have no idea how many Barbie weddings we planned, set up and carried out together!

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  1. oh I just read this and it made me happy. I'm so amazed at how much you are able to write on this thing...I miss a week and then I have so much to catch up on!


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