Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Big Day in the City

Today was a busy day but it started out with a few technical difficulties.  Daddy left for school bright and early and while Sadie played on the bed I checked a few things on the computer.  I minimized my internet window to check something and stared at the screen.  I have an Apple and when I minimized the Safari window the bottom part of the screen was blank.  Now for all you PC users the bottom of the screen on an Apple is where all the programs are, in a neat little bar.  

I tried not to panic and restarted the computer.  It had to be some little mistake and I was sure that it would be fixed when the computer came back on.  No such luck.  I opened up the help window and found out that the bottom section is called the dock.  I searched through the Help section for anything with the word "dock" in it and couldn't find anything that seemed particularly helpful.  

So I called Paul.  I blurted out that my computer was broken and he said he'd call me back when he got to school.  That call revealed some interesting facts that had previously gone unmentioned.  Apparently while I was in the shower Paul had been on the computer with the baby in his lap.  She had sat nicely for a while but then she had suddenly started banging on the keys.  Paul said something came up on the screen for a second, but then everything looked fine (except the dock was gone, but I guess he didn't notice) so he didn't think to tell me (he was in a hurry to get to school).  Tonight I finally figured out how to fix it.  So complete catastrophe has been averted.  I can breath again.  

After finding out about the computer Sadie and I headed over to Denny's, mostly because I didn't want to have to deal with feeding her without a high chair.  Feeding her at Denny's may have been more difficult than the chair-less option.  First she spotted a four year old boy who was picking up breakfast-to-go with his grandmother.  After obsessively watching him (and hardly opening her mouth to eat she was so distracted) for about ten minutes, two men in army fatigues walked by.  She practically turned in her chair to watch them go from one side of the room to the other.  Next a construction worked came in.  She stared at him for a solid fifteen minutes, ignoring my best efforts to distract (and feed) her.  I think it was his yellow vest with the shiny reflective tape on the back.  

That, however, really can't compare with her escapades at dinner tonight (where the picture at the top of the page was taken).  Paul, Kehli, Michelle, Sadie and I went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.  The table next to ours was very close (so close that Sadie could swivel around and touch it, even belted into the high chair) so when a family was seated at it just before we were about to leave, I scooped Sadie up so she wouldn't grab their food.  She started to talk to and then squeal at the teenage girl who was sitting right next to me.  The girl smiled at her and Sadie thought that was encouraging and started to giggle and lift her little arms up for the girl to pick her up.  She certainly is funny about strangers these days.  One minute she's shy when she sees someone she doesn't know and the next she's ready to be handed over to them!

Tomorrow we'll go to Mass at St. Joseph's Cathedral in San Jose and then we'll head North so Paul can be at work at 6pm.  It's going to be a long day.  I hope Sadie sleeps through tonight!

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