Monday, January 5, 2009

Now! (Sadie's personality continues to develop.)

Sadie's personality continues to develop every day.  Her "hungry" cry is no longer just for hunger.  It now means "I want something.  Now!"  It starts the same way the hungry cry starts, with coughing and a whine that almost sounds like a laugh.  Then the actual sad staccato cry starts.  Usually that goes on for a little while if I'm slow feeding her.  But now if she wants something that she can't have, like a cup full of ice water in a restaurant or the missal in church, and I move the object that she wants away, there's a very good chance that she's going to let out an indignant shriek before bursting into tears.  There's usually about a two second window during which time I might be able to distract her with another toy before the crying starts, but there's also a pretty good chance that she's going to push away whatever I offer her and start to sob.  

She's also getting more and more mobile every day.  She can sit up by herself now, but I stay right next to her when she's practicing because she has a tendency to fall over (and while some of the falls are kind of controls, others are still face plants that end in a very real cry!).

Shopping and eating out are finally getting easier!  In the beginning we lugged around the Britax carseat, but it weighed about five lbs and that, along with the baby's weight would get really heavy, really fast.  Then we got the cute little pink jeep stroller, which is great when you have two people, but which is too hard to maneuver if it's one person and more than a little basket of groceries.  We learned really quickly that if you hang your shopping bags on the handles of the little stroller and then forget that they're there and rush to pick the baby up when she fusses, the stroller, and all the bags hanging on it, will flip over, dramatically, in a crowded store full of holiday shoppers.  Sadie can finally sit up well enough to sit up in the shopping cart (and restaurant style high chairs), which means she's big enough to use the shopping cart/high chair cover that Gee gave her before she was born.  She loves it!  She loves riding around like the big kids that she's always watched and sitting up where she can see everything.  And the cover keeps her from actually touching the kind of gross carts.  It's perfect!  
Sadie's already asleep for the night, so it's just about time for me to go to sleep too (at least I made it past nine o'clock).  I never know how much she's going to sleep, so I'm still a little nervous about staying up past ten.  

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