Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sick (but not tired!)

Moms don't have time to be sick.  Especially when there's also a sick baby.  Luckily Sadie is feeling better after four days of antibiotics.  Only one day to go.  I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have extended family here to help out.  Daddy, Nani and Grumpa all took shifts, which gave me a little bit of time (I got a two hour nap!) to try to rest.  

Sadie, for her part, seemed to know that something was wrong and was pretty mellow all day.  When I was really feeling bad she kept glancing over with a little worried look on her face and then would smile so that I would smile back.  She woke up crying last night at 10pm, which wasn't a great start to the night, but she went back to sleep and slept all the way to 5:30am.  It's the first time she's slept more than a couple of hours straight in about a month!  I really needed that!  I'm feeling a little bit better right now, at least when I'm holding perfectly still so my head doesn't ache.  Sadie is asleep (hopefully for the night).  We're past the 24-hour point, but maybe this will be a 36 hour bug.

As I'm sitting her typing there was just a bang at the window (it did not wake the baby).  It was a pygmy owl!  He was well enough to fly away.  Hopefully he'll be alright.  

Here is my Sadie-Moment-of-the-Day that made me smile:  Nani had brought Sadie upstairs for her bath and I was laying on the bed behind Sadie.  Even though I had been talking she didn't realize that I was there (she hadn't glanced in my direction).  When Nani went to get the wash cloth Sadie thought that she was in the room, by herself, with Sadie Morris, our 15 year-old siamese cat (who I named in 5th grade.  I'd had the name in mind for a while!).  Sadie Morris is the shyest cat in the entire world and while she was surprisingly unafraid of the baby in the beginning, she's becoming more wary now that Sadie (baby) is getting louder and more mobile.  When Nani left the room Sadie Morris jumped up onto the bench at the foot of the bed for a closer look at the baby.  Sadie (baby) held perfectly still for about ten seconds and then started making little "h" sounds.  After about three tries she said "hi.  h-h-h-hi" in an obvious attempt to coax the cat closer.  She even held perfectly still (I think she's realized whenever she moves too much the cat disappears).     

Now off to bed!  

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