Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Definitely Not Shy...

Today we drove into Redding to pick up Sadie's birth certificate. I have to take it in to Health and Human Services tomorrow (they finally called me back! It only took three and a half months, two visits to the office and two phone calls to get a call back.) and hopefully we will have health insurance before our next scheduled doctor's appointment (June 11th for Sadie's one year check up).

Sadie's personality continues to develop. We went to Michael's today to pick up a few supplies for my latest project. A few days ago I got the latest catalogue for the kid's issue of Pottery Barn. They have these cute little floral globes that hang from the ceiling. However the price was insane. $90 a piece. So on Monday when we were in Redding I picked up a styrofoam globe and a few stems of silk flowers. It looked exactly the same (for way, way, way less) and it was super easy to make (I'll put up a picture once our internet is working a little faster again, tonight it's slow). But I needed a few more flowers to finish it so after lunch we were back at the craft store, which was pretty crowded. Walking around Michael's with Sadie was like making a public appearance with Miss America. She smiled and giggled at every single person she saw. At random intervals she would let out silly little squeals.

She's also a hit at her great grandmother's care home. Hoho (that's what we've always called her) is in memory care. If you've never been in a memory care unit, they aren't exactly the most cheery places in the world. The residents have varying degrees of dementia or memory loss. Things can get pretty crazy, literally, with people yelling and screaming gibberish. After Sadie was born I was a little bit nervous about bringing her by. But after going in the first few times with her I noticed a huge change. All of the residents calm down when she's there. They're so intent on the baby that's in the room that the mood completely changes. People are smiling and happy and some of the residents who I had never heard speak will talk about how beautiful "he" is (it's always "he" even if she's wearing bright pink with a bow in her hair). There are actual smiles. And Sadie is right where she loves to be as the center of attention.

Paul is no longer saying that he thinks that she's going to be shy.

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