Thursday, January 22, 2009

Still Sick

I called the doctor's office this morning and Sadie now has an appointment at 4:15 in Redding.  She did sleep from 11 to 4 last night, but her cough sounds worse and I want to make sure she doesn't have another ear infection.  Since she has discovered her ears and thinks it's funny to pull on them it's really hard to tell if they hurt.  

When she woke up at 4 am her nose was stuffy but she wasn't fussy.  Instead she rolled to the far side of the bed and stared up at the little green light on the fire alarm.  She rolled around trying to look at it from different angles, including upside down.  Then she started talking to the fire alarm.  I started to worry.  I was still really sleepy.  Was she really breathing "alright" or was I just telling myself that so that I didn't have to get up?  I woke up a little bit more.  I wondered if her little developing brain was getting enough oxygen.  She started to cough.  

Five minutes later we were downstairs on the couch trying to maneuver the nasal aspirator past her freakishly strong little arms.  Paul was back from work and was up working on a paper.  By five she was asleep again, although her breathing was loud and rattled.  At six I had to keep myself from throwing Pumpkin across the room because she  walked around us yowling and trying to get past my outstretched hand to rub her face against the baby.

Now we just have to wait to drive in to town (1.5 hours) to see the doctor.  

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