Saturday, March 14, 2009

Adventures in Non-Stop Motion

Sadie is on the move.  Constantly.  She is an endless fountain of energy (that can be tricked into taking a nap twice a day... if I'm lucky).  Today I was lucky, mostly because taking long walks with Sadie in the stroller increases my chances of a successful nap.  That, along with a desire to lose the last 5 lbs of baby weight that remain, is the main reason that I walked a bit over seven miles today.  My legs are sore, I am exhausted, it's bedtime... and Sadie is still ready to play.  She's trying to climb over to me right now to take the computer out of my hands.

She still isn't really into crawling.  She can crawl, but she seems to have discovered more interesting and efficient ways of getting around.  There's the arm over arm military style crawl that can work in a pinch, the super speed roll that can take her across the room in the blink of an eye and the stick our butt straight up in the air and try to walk with our hands still touching the ground (we haven't quite got the kinks worked out of that one, but it's fun to try).  

She has also learned how to jump. 

Now I spent some time today trying to decipher out how a baby who cannot yet stand on her own could figure out how to jump and I still haven't figured it out.  The first time it happened was right before bath time.  I had left the room for a minute and Nani was holding on to her hands while she stood on the bed.  When I walked back into the room Nani was explaining to Sadie that Nani's bed is not a jumping bed.  She had been holding on to Nani's hands and she had suddenly started jumping up and down.  It happened again today when Sadie was in her exersaucer and I walked over and put my arms down and said "up."  She jumped up with her little arms waving in the air so that the seat of the exersaucer actually wasn't holding any of her weight.  

Other new ways of moving include: holding on to the couch to go from standing up to sitting down, trying to slide over the edge of the bed to get onto the floor (headfirst and feet-first) and trying to find a way to slide out of her high chair and get down on the ground.

I would write more about Sadie's new ways of getting around, but I am currently being attacked by a tiny baby who has made her way over to me and is going after the computer.  Now it's time to convince her that it is actually time for bed.  

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