Monday, March 23, 2009

We are Not Ready to Walk! We are Not Ready to Walk!!!

It's already here.  Where did the time go and what the heck happened to crawling?!?!  You see, only a week ago Sadie could barely crawl.  Then a couple days ago she started zooming around the house like a mini, unstoppable tornado.  

This weekend we went to the ocean with Nani and Grumpa and Nini and Gigi (great grandma and great grandpa).  Daddy had school for the first two days, but he drove up late Saturday night so that he could be there on Sunday morning when Sadie woke up.  

One of the first things that Sadie did when we got to beach house was pull herself onto her feet and then she stood, wobbling and beaming with pride.  That was on Friday. 

She practiced her standing up and holding on to various objects all weekend.  This afternoon when we got home she was back to zooming around the house, checking to make sure that the toys that didn't accompany us on our trip to the ocean, hadn't been stolen while she was gone.  Then she made her way over to her Cruise and Crawl Gym.  

She pulled herself right up and spent a few minutes talking with the orange monkey that is on top of the gym.  Then I heard Nani, who was across the room, gasp.  Sadie was standing sideways with one hand resting lightly on the gym and the other held straight out to her side.  She gave the distinct impression that she was trying to balance. 

When she saw that I had noticed what she was doing she gave a huge smile and let go of the gym with her other hand.  She then tried to walk to me.  

I caught her.

Her balance was pretty good and she has tested it in several new and interesting ways since we got home.  She pulled up in front of the tv and stood for a while and she also pulled up on the front of the couch and then started jumping up and down, while lifting one leg to try to get it up over the cushion (this was in pursuit of Sammy the Cat).  And she hasn't given up on walking.  

She can't be one of those babies that walks at nine months... can she?  I thought I had a least two more months!

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