Monday, March 16, 2009

Rain, Rain and more Rain

The weather in Redding was crazy today.  Earlier in the week they said that it might rain this weekend, but that they really couldn't tell from the forecast.  Apparently on Saturday the forecast changed and they said the storm wasn't going to hit until Sunday night, which it did, with rain.  The rain wasn't anything dramatic, it was just a regular rainy day all day yesterday and we headed into Redding this morning to stock up on baby food (we'd finally gotten through the huge stock of baby food that I picked up at Target when Sadie first started on solids).  

After lunch the rain started to get a little bit heavier.  I had Sadie in her cute purple rain jacket and when we ran from the Pizza Factory to the car Sadie squealed like it was the funniest thing in the world.  When we got on the freeway the rain really started to get heavy.  At first Paul thought that it was just because we were behind a big truck but when we took the exit we saw that the flat area at the side of the road was completely flooded.

About an hour later we were headed home and it was raining so hard that I could hardly see out the front window.  We started to head up a hill and there was a river of water running down one of the lanes (the one that we happened to be in), but we got over into the other lane and made it home safe and sound.

When the news came on tonight at five o'clock the main story was flooding in Redding.  By the time the 5:30 news came on there had been one fatality because of the flooding (someone was swept down a drainage thing), the care home next to the hospital had to be evacuated and there were giant rivers running down the streets (the one that felt so big to me when we were in it ended up being tiny compared to what happened later on and it showed Cal Trans workers in water that looked to be waist deep).  

We left town just in time.  The heavy rain only lasted for about three hours, but it was an insane amount of water.  On one side of town they only had light sporadic rain, while another part of town got nine inches in three hours.  Crazy.

Sadie is really crawling now.  When we got home from Redding she decided that it was the way to get around and after only crawling small amounts up until today she started heading around the living room like she'd been doing it all of her life.  She also crawled immediately over to the window and started trying to stand up by herself.

We can also see her top tooth clearly now (it's halfway through, and really seems to be bothering her).  And that is why I have to go right now.  The baby is feeling very small with her three very sharp teeth and needs Mommy to help her remember that it really is time to go to sleep.  Goodnight!

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