Monday, March 30, 2009

Garlic Cheese and Go-gurt

Sadie had another play date today!  She met her friend Fin at Turtle Bay (along with his Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa) and had a great time.  She still isn't really big enough to play, but she has a lot of fun watching other kids play and she liked watching Fin play in the gravel and on the playground toys.  

She has also mastered the fine art of picking up finger foods from the tray on her high chair and putting them into her mouth, usually on the first try.  It took about a week of practice to really get the hand-eye coordination that is required down, but tonight at dinner she put her first three yogurt drops in her mouth on her first try.

Sadie has also developed a go-gurt addiction (go-gurt are the yogurt tubes that you can eat by squeezing, without a spoon).  We went to Costco this afternoon and Nani picked up a Go-gurt sample and let Sadie try it to see if she liked it.  After a tiny taste she became a little hysterical.  She wanted more and she wanted more now.  She ate the entire sample go-gurt in the store and then she ate another half go-gurt in the car (we are now the proud go-gurt of an entire carton of go-gurt).  I believe that she would have eaten the entire go-gurt, but after half she became so hysterical (she wanted the yogurt to come out faster) that I pretended that it was empty, handed her Binkie and hid the rest of the go-gurt until she fell asleep.  

The one other food that could probably give the go-gurt a run for it's money is cheese.  Particularly, garlic cheese.  If the garlic cheese wasn't popped into Sadie's mouth quickly enough she would burst into tears and sob for more.  She hasn't had much cheese, but it is a fan favorite.  

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  1. Ha! Cute picture, Cammie! She's getting sooo big. How fun :)


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