Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Words We've Learned

The List of Words that Sadie Has Said

1. "Mamama"  This is usually said with a little bit of a whine in her tone.  
2. "Dadada"  Sadie just learned this one last Thursday.  When Paul went to work that night she watched him go and then spent the next hour saying "Dadada" over and over again.  
3. "Nanana"  Sadie usually says this one when she wants to tattle on me.  She says it when I'm trying to keep her from eating one of her books or when I'm trying to wash the animal cracker crumbs off of her face.  
4. "No!"  I would like to deny that "no" was Sadie's first word, but it is on a video and I have posted that video on this blog.  
5. "Ba."  Ba seems to mean Book or Binkie.  I first heard Sadie say it when she was grabbing a book that I was trying to read to her out of my hand.  She said "mama a ba!" which I took to mean "Mama, my book!" (but you would probably have to hear her tone to get that from what she'd said.  
6. "Hi!"  Actually this was Sadie's real first word.  I'm not sure she knew what it meant when she started saying it, but she definitely seemed to like the reaction that she would get when she said it.

The List of Words that Sadie Understands

1. "No."  She understands it, but she doesn't necessarily obey it.  The other day Sadie learned how to give high fives.  After learning how to slap someone's hand she seemed to think that it was hilarious to make a slapping sound by slapping whatever happened to be in reach (which more often then not is Mommy's nose, Mommy's shoulder, Mommy's chest, ect.).  The first time I said no when she did it she stopped, thought for a few minutes and then raised her hand up again.  When I said no again she stopped.  The next day the same scene played out only when I said no she did it really quick and then put her face against my chest and started giggling. 

2. "Bird."  If you say the word bird she looks out the window, first at the hummingbird feeder and then at the finch feeder.  

3. "Deer."  Taylor, our almost pet deer, is back on the lawn every morning and Sadie loves watching him.  I'm not sure who she'd rather stare at all morning, the deer or the birds (or the fish at the aquarium in Redding). 

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