Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She Can Crawl, She Can Crawl, She Can Crawl

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sadie and I have been reading a chapter of Peter Pan each day, which is why I have the You Can Fly, You Can Fly, You Can Fly song going through my head (and the reason for the title of my blog).

The baby proofing of the house is gradually getting more aggressive each day as Sadie expands her territory in the living room.  I apparently never realized how interesting each and everything that I own is (infinitely more interesting then baby things), particularly my computer, which has the bad habit of making it's home wherever it is left, often on the ground next to the outlet (that changed yesterday, but I don't think it's new home, on the windowsill behind Grumpa's chair, is very safe either). 

She leaves a path of destruction where ever she goes.  She is particularly fond of glossy magazines.  The pages seem to stick to her hands and she loves it when they crinkle.  I am pretty sure that her perfect afternoon would begin by shredding a dozen or so parenting magazines leading up to a nice long nap in her carriage (which I would be pushing around the property).  She also loves pressing the buttons on the remote controls, slamming her hands on the keyboard to the computer and her newest goal seems to be opening the drawers under the TV stand (there are DVDs inside).

Grumpa installed the cabinet locks earlier this week but they still haven't been pushed into the "lock position" (that will probably be tomorrow).  We have yet to determine how we're going to protect the hearth.  

Let the baby proofing begin!

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