Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where to Shop for Inexpensive (and totally cute) Baby Clothes

I don't have very much time tonight (I have to finish writing a synopsis of my novel because an agent agreed to look at it!  Very exciting!  I've been bouncing off the walls all day long!) so I'm going to indulge in one more list. 

It is a very important list.  Especially these days.

Sadie's Costco Pajamas

Where to Shop for Inexpensive (and totally cute) Baby Clothes

1) Costco-  Most people probably don't connect Costco with shopping for clothing.  I know I didn't before Nani stumbled across the baby clothes table in the clothing section.  They don't have a huge selection, but the selection rotates frequently.  Sometimes there are adorable dresses, sometimes there are soft cotton pajamas and sometimes there are cuddly sleepers with feet.  They are usually around six dollars an outfit.  And there usually brand names (like Carters) at a fraction of the price you'd see the same outfit for in department stores.

2) Kohl's-  I don't advise buying anything at full price at Kohl's.  If you shop when they have sales (and they have some pretty big holiday sales) you can find cute baby stuff (and cute grown up stuff) for huge discounts.  We went one weekend (I think it might have been Columbus Day) and most of the stuff was eighty percent off.  This Christmas a lot of the adorable Christmas dresses were really expensive at the end of November, but a couple of weeks before Christmas they were already marked way down.  If you shop the sales you can find really great deals here.

3) Macy's-  Macy's is a lot like Kohl's.  Don't shop at Macy's unless there's a good sale.  Our Macy's doesn't seem to have good sales.  But when we went down to the Bay Area we went to the one in Union Square right after Christmas and there were super expensive (I mean ridiculously expensive) baby dresses that were seventy percent off.  The ridiculous thing was that we saw the exact same dresses that were seventy percent off last year being sold full price this year.

4. Target-  I admit that I have bought baby stuff and paid full price at Target.  However, after shopping at Costco, even Target starts to feel a little bit expensive.  They have those giant clearance racks that they cleverly hide in the very middle of the toddler clothes section (because they figure you'll probably find something that you want at full price on your way there).  The Hanes Toddler outfits (sweats and sweatshirts) are also a great deal, even when they aren't on sale.

While writing this blog I realized what my shopping strategy is when it comes to baby clothes.  Don't pay full price for anything, unless it's at Costco.  And try to buy clothes for the next season when they first put it out because the store will probably mark it down before the season actually starts.  Now to write that synopsis... 


  1. Thanks for the list! I prefer Walmart for shopping of baby clothes...and do visit Macys and Kohls during sale season or shop at these stores with use of coupons!


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