Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cat Hunting

Sadie is taking her afternoon nap so I am taking this opportunity to write a quick blog.  Our internet connection has been having a few problems lately, although it should be better tomorrow afternoon (with satellite internet you can only download so much and my computer just needed an update, so it slows the entire houses internet down for 24 hours...).  

The Cat Hunt has begun and no cat within the walls of this house can really feel safe any longer.  Sadie can crawl and she is constantly on the look out for cats.  She still practices wrestling her stuffed cat, Kitty, every chance she gets, but over the course of the last few days she's also been after the real thing.  Sammy let her get too close yesterday (she under estimates the baby's speed) and lost a baby sized handful of fur (apparently I also underestimated her speed when intervening).  

Paul kept trying to get a picture of the Sadie-Sammy encounter, but by then Sammy had learned that Sadie's crawling is improving exponentially and she wasn't about to let Sadie get within arms reach of her tail (or whiskers).  

We are still working on the concept of gentle (I'm wondering how many months we have before she's old enough to understand that concept).  Until she does understand, the cats are going to have to stay on there toes and I'll have to keep protecting Sammy and Sadie from each other (I am a little worried that Sammy is going to snap one of these days...).  

Tomorrow if the internet is back up and running I'll have pictures!

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