Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Princess and the Cowboy Boots

Sadie has learned that her cowboy boots aren't all that bad.  They have hard bottoms that make it easy for her to balance when she practices standing.  

Lately we have bundled up before going to church, but now that the heater in the church is working reliably (it has been for a while), I decided to pull out one of Sadie's princess dresses and see how she did.  

Dressing a baby who can't walk in a princess dress can be kind of tricky.  If you are going to be holding her while standing for long periods of time (like during a religious service), you need to make sure that the dress material isn't slippery.  Sadie has some very pretty dresses that we have learned not to put her in, at least until she can walk, because it's impossible to hold on to her when she was wearing them.  It might be different if she was smaller, but at a shade under twenty lbs, heavy and slippery is not a good combination.  
Sadie still isn't feeling great.  The ear infections seem to be going away, but her top teeth look like they are coming in (theyseem to be a lot more painful than the bottom teeth).  This has made nights a bit longer because she's been waking up crying every half hour during the past three nights.  Today the upside of being up during the nights meant that she was so exhausted during Mass that she hardly made a peep.  

This evening (through the miracle of Tylenol) she was feeling much better and ate her first big meal of the day (I had to bribe her with bananas to get her to eat at lunch time and she hardly toucher her breakfast.  For dinner it was Turkey with vegetables and sweet potatoes and bananas for dessert).  

She even felt well enough to eat a cheerio! It was her first cheerio and it was quite an ordeal.  Sadie has gotten very adept at picking cheerios up between her thumb and index finger, studying them closely, making little gagging faces without actually putting them in her mouth and then dramatically flicking them off the high chair and onto the ground.  It's very silly to watch.  Especially the dramatic faces.  The cheerios would stick to her lips and chin and she would gag.  I think that the cheerio going in to her mouth may have been an accident, but she chewed it and swallowed it.  With the exception of the teething biscuits they are her first real solid food!

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