Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Bored Teething Baby

The rain started up again today.  It's rain that we need, but it also meant no walks outside and Sadie needs her walks.  Being inside is only entertaining for so long and she's gotten used to taking two walks a day and looking at the birds and the trees (we saw two bald eagles yesterday).  I have the BOB Stroller Rain Cover, but when I started reading the instructions to put it on a few weeks ago I found the constant warnings of a Suffocation Hazard to be a deterrent to actually using it.  It was very clear that this Hazard was only a danger if it was installed incorrectly (or over 70 degrees), but I couldn't get over the full page of instructions for what seemed to be a straight forward installation.  I got the feeling I was missing something (I don't think I was) and haven't touched the thing since...which is probably silly.

Sadie was quiet during Mass today, which pretty much confirms my suspicion that she has only been fussing the last two weeks because there were other babies being baptized.  There are two ways to look at the fussing.  She was either fussing because she wasn't the only baby at church (in other words getting a lot of attention) or she was fussing because she was trying to "talk" to the other babies.  Having heard the tone of her whines, there really isn't any doubt in my mind.  Maybe I will just blame it on her new teeth...

Speaking of teeth, Sadie's new teeth have been keeping us up at night.  Her two bottom teeth are through now and don't seem to be bothering her, but she has been waking up every half hour fussing, so I think we might have a top tooth coming in.  

Maybe tonight will be the night when she finally sleeps through.  I have been telling myself that for the last eight and a half months, but one of these days it's actually going to be true!  I just hope it's sooner rather then later...

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  1. I think Sadie missed a lot for not being outside due to raining. I don't know why it is hazardous using BOB Stroller Rain Cover when installed incorrectly .I would recommend you to use Mickey sport buggy for Sadie. She would definitely enjoy riding in it. It has got canopy which protect Sadie from sun, rain and dust. And it is very affordable indeed.


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