Thursday, March 26, 2009

Outsmarted (almost)

I've been feeling under the weather for the last couple of days (and nights) and today Sadie seems to have come down with whatever it is that I have.  I thought that she felt warm last night, but this morning she was so cheerful and playful that I didn't take her temperature because I was sure that I must have been mistaken.  We went on a two mile walk (I was able to go because of wonderful generic cold and flu medicine) and sat outside on a blanket and watched Grumpa ride one of the horses.  When she came back inside she took a little nap and then played in her playpen and when, after being paroled out of the playpen, she found herself back on the carpet, she started zooming around the room like a bird that has been let out of its cage.  

Despite the nap, at about five o'clock she started to get fussy and when I picked her up she was super cuddly (I am learning that this is a sure sign of illness) and now we're trying to keep her awake long enough to eat dinner (although I don't think she'll eat much).  

Before I go try and convince her to eat I do have one Sadie Story to end the day with.

Sadie understands the word "no."  She hears it when she tries to climb up on the hearth to get to the wood stove and when she tries to climb the TV stand to get to the TV (something we dealt with yesterday).  This morning she headed towards the TV, despite the fact that it was off.  I was sitting a few feet away at the base of the couch and I said, "Sadie, no.  No we don't touch the TV."  

Amazingly she stopped.  And turned.  I couldn't believe it.  She had listened to me.  She had understood.  Then a huge smile formed across her sweet little face.  She had figured out a solution.  We could both be happy.

Slowly, she began to back towards the TV.  She thought that if she was backing towards the TV I would be okay with it.

I wasn't.  

By this afternoon she had a new plan.  When she approached the TV and I said no, she would stop, turn, look, and smile and then sprint crawl as fast as she could to see if she could beat me to the TV stand.  So far, even sick, I can still beat her. 

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