Monday, March 9, 2009

Fish, Bunnies and Cats: Another Day with Sadie

Sadie went back to visit her fish today at Turtle Bay and she definitely wasn't shy when she saw them.  If you look at the glass on the aquarium now in the right light you can probably see little impressions of her mouth from where she tried to kiss them through the glass.  You would also see hundreds of her hand prints.  She had so much fun watching them swim!

While we were in Redding we went to Target to look at Easter Basket stuff and I asked Paul to pick out a stuffed bunny for Sadie's basket. Unfortunately the bunny will not fit in Sadie's Easter Basket. Paul's choice was the largest bunny in the entire store. When he put it on the passenger seat on the way home I'm surprised that the seat belt alarm didn't go off, telling him to belt the bunny in. On second thought it's probably because the passenger seat belt is permanently belted since I'm still sitting in the back with the baby and Paul's book bag sets of the alarm. The Bunny is giant.

Sadie is sound asleep on the bed next to me right now (hopefully for the night) and I have to say the Pumpkin did something tonight that truly shocked me. As I've mention before Pumpkin is seventeen years old (she will be eighteen years old this month) and there are very few things that she can do that will shock me. She's starting to get a little bit senile, but she still has one huge pet peeve.

She hates it when people stay downstairs after nine o'clock at night.  She has an internal cat clock, that's surprisingly precise and at nine she wakes up from her bed next to the fire place and looks around.  If she sees humans she becomes angry.  The downstairs portion of the house belongs to her at night.  We don't belong.  

If she sees someone downstairs, for example, if I am sitting on the couch holding a sleeping Sadie in my arms, she will walk directly over and start yowling at the top of her tiny cat lungs. If she's really irritated (in other words, if she's already been yowling for a few minutes and we're still there) she will actually jump up on the arm of the couch and yowl while staring at the baby.  It's amazing how much sound she can generate with her little cat vocal cords.  

Well tonight I am already upstairs and I've already gotten Sadie to drift off to sleep.  I was quite surprised to hear the pitter patter of little cat feet coming up behind me and I was even more surprised when I heard yowling.  It was her gravelly little yowl (imagine a cat with a gruff, old lady smokers voice and you have Pumpkins cat voice) right next to the bed.  When we didn't get up and acknowledge her presence she jumped up on the stand next to the bed and started to yowl.  Sadie was moments away from waking up.  I had to act quickly.

 I moved Pumpkin to a room with a space heater and set her right in front of it.  She is blissfully happy and toasty warm.  And Sadie is still sound asleep.

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