Friday, March 27, 2009

"Hi Dada!"

When we were sitting at lunch today Daddy looked at Sadie and said "Hi!"  He was shocked when she responded by saying "Hi Dada!" and since then has become a little bit vain about what he is claiming is her first sentence (I am still maintaining that her first sentence is "Mama a bah!" which clearly meant, Mama a book!"  She was holding a book in her hand and showing it to me at the time.).    

Earlier this week Sadie started eating solid foods.  We picked up some yogurt drops and banana puffs that dissolve in your mouth pretty easily and she absolutely loves them.  She can eat them easily if we pop them into her mouth, but when she's in a good mood and she's not tired she likes to work on picking them up herself (if she's a little tired she gets too frustrated with them!).  She usually eats them after she has had her meal, when everyone else is at the table eating, which makes her very happy.  

In the beginning, when she was first trying to eat the puffs she would struggle to pick them up in her tiny hand.  When she finally got one into her mouth on her own everyone at the table would cheer and tell her what a good job she had done.  After a few successful tries she started raising her arms up in the air after she got one into her mouth and smiling.  

She's gotten much better at picking the banana puffs up on her own over the course of the last few days and she's still celebrating every time she does it by herself (and sometimes when she gets help).  Today we went out to lunch and Sadie was in a very social mood.  She had turned around to greet every single person who came into the room, with a happy little smile and soft babbling, but when we started to eat and I put a banana puff on her tray, things got a little bit wild.  

She picked the banana puff up easily and popped it into her mouth on the first try.  Then she raised her arms in the air, smiled and gave an ear splitting squeal.  We had a brief, whispered discussion about indoor voices and I gave her another banana puff.  Seconds later the relative quiet in the restaurant was shattered by another triumphant scream.  Sadie is very proud of her new hand-eye coordination.  

I finally resorted to getting out her sippy cup, which usually gives us about ten minutes of relaxing eating time and today it didn't disappoint.  The sippy cup saved the meal!  

Now it's bed time!  I actually stayed up until 9 on a Friday night!  I don't think I can remember the last time that happened.  Good night!

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