Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Things That Weren't So Useful

I have a weakness, an obsession really.  The first evidence of this obsession shows up on an ancient pad of art paper that I unearthed not that long ago.  It was dated in crayon.  1984.  Beneath it was a scrawled list:


Apart from a few letters that were written backwards, it was pretty well done (particularly for someone born in 1982) (I should also explain that I wrote Bob, because it was around this time that I realized that it was easier to get Dad's attention if I said "Bob" instead of "Dad").  

So there you have it.  My obsession.  Listing.

You can find lists in notebooks around the house.  Old lists fill up trash cans in tightly balled wads (apparently once I've finished a list it is no longer relevant and I have no problem tossing it.  After all it probably needed to be redone anyway.).  

Lists were bound to make it into my blogs, although I try to keep them at a minimum.  Otherwise, every single blog would be a list.  And how many blogs can you read about Sadie's Favorite _________ (fill in the blank with everything from toys to foods).  Today's list is:

Things that We Didn't End Up Using
1. Most of Sadie's Shoes 
2. And while socks were important during winter... for Babies who, like Sadie are born in summer... 0-3 month Socks.
3. Hand Covers (while these may have been useful, the few times I put them on Sadie she was so sad... she loves using her hands).  
4. Any Outfit with the word "Newborn" on the tag (this one probably only applies to people who have a 9lb+ baby).  
5. Any Binkies that weren't the Mam Brand (because once Sadie had decided she liked this brand she would gag and make faces if we tried to substitute anything else).  
6. A Changing Table (I used the one on the bassinet about five times before I realized that it was just more trouble then it was worth).
7. Breast Pump (okay this is great later on when you need milk to mix with rice cereal, but I found that using it to make bottles was just way more work then it was worth.  And every time I used it for bottles Sadie was colicky for the next six to eight hours.  So after four months it became useful).
8. Lansinoh (I was a big fan in the beginning until I realized that nipple shields were way more effective... This stuff helps but the shields help a lot more).
9. Bottles (once in a while Sadie plays with a bottle now, but if we hadn't bought them we wouldn't have missed them.  She loves her sippy cups, so if she didn't play with the bottles we never would have gotten any use out of them).   

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