Friday, March 6, 2009

One Sick Baby

Last night was the first time I had written a blog in a long time.  The reason?  Sadie was wild.  She has apparently decided that her bedtime of 7:30 just isn't working out and that she should be allowed to stay up until 9:30 (the time when I finally convinced her to close her little eyes and get some sleep).  

Yesterday was a busy day.  Sadie has been acting a little bit fussy lately (bursting in to tears for no apparent reason) and because she really isn't a fussy baby, and she usually doesn't cry at all, I called the doctor's office yesterday morning and made an appointment.  I felt a little bit silly taking her in, because there really wasn't anything obviously wrong (she was pulling on her ears, but she always pulls on her ears, particularly since she's been teething or when she's sleepy).  

Before the doctor came in we found out her new measurements.  She is thirty inches tall, which puts her above the 100th percentile for her age group and puts her in the ninety-ninth percentile for a ten month old.  We also found out that she now weighs 19lbs 4 oz, which pretty much confirms what we were beginning to think (it also means that while she has grown three inches in the last few months she has only gained one pound).  She is really starting to get tall and lean.  This is especially amazing because she eats and eats and eat as much as she wants, whenever she wants.  She's just so active!  She always wants to be up and exploring.

When the doctor came in a while later he found that she had a double ear infection and a sore throat.  No wonder she's been fussy.  So she is now back on antibiotics (this is her third ear infection in the last ten weeks).  By last night (with the help of baby tylenol) she was pretty much back to her normal personality and during the two hours that I was trying to convince her to go to bed, she was giggling and smiling and trying to push herself up to crawl around the room.  She is much too busy to waste time sleeping!

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