Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Girly Girl

Today's pictures show Sadie's Church Shoes as promised. Over the course of the last few days Paul has started to point out that Sadie is already showing signs of being a "girly girl."  It started, unsurprisingly enough, with shoes.  Sadie loves shoes.  While she has only recently warmed to the idea of wearing shoes on her feet, she has loved them abstractly for a while.  Particularly high heels.  She acts like my high heels are the most beautiful, fascinating toys in the entire world and can sit and stare at them (and drool over them, literally) for (relatively) long periods of time.  She zeroes in on them when they're in a room and heads straight over to grab them and drag them back to where ever she's playing.

Then there's the lipstick.  It's actually not lipstick at all, it's just plain cherry chapstick, but we've been calling it lipstick.  Sadie opens her mouth and holds still for chapstick application, although she has been known to try to lick the chapstick to try to taste it.

She's also started to notice dolls.  When we were shopping the other day we walked down the doll aisle and her face lit up each and every time she spotted another doll.  She seemed particularly fond of the baby Ariel doll.  At home however, she seems more interested in body slamming her dolls then in babying them.  

The best part of Sadie's days lately, has been swinging.  Grumpa ordered and installed a swing for Sadie on the porch above the backyard.  She loves it!  Today we also put down a large piece of carpet, because Sadie loves crawling around out there by her swing (it also happens to be where everyone is sitting now that the weather is so nice) but it was too hard on her knees.  So Grumpa went by the carpet store and got a large carpet remnant and cut it down to fit the porch.  Now the porch is the perfect place to play.  We brought a couple books out there and her Little Mermaid bouncy ball and she was content to sit and look at her books and play. 

We also brought out some bubbles that Sadie won in her Easter Basket at the egg hunt in the park, but Sadie wasn't all that impressed by the bubbles.  Nani and I kept blowing them and pointing them out to her, but she acted a little bit bored and didn't even crack a smile! 

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