Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sadie and Kitty- A Love/Hate Relationship

I was sitting on the couch this morning, watching Sadie play with her toys when she began her assault on Kitty.  Sadie's daily attacks on Kitty are seldom surprising these days.  Their fights usually look exactly the same.  Sadie catches Kitty eying her from across the room.  Words are exchanged (possibly threats).  Then Sadie swaggers over to Kitty, with a confident crawl.  Kitty pops off.  Kitty never seems to realize that things are going to end badly for her now that the baby has control of her neck muscles.  

Usually Sadie hurries the rest of the way over to Kitty and picks Kitty up by her blue scarf.  Kitty, still not knowing when to keep her mouth shut, calls the baby a "cry-baby."  Sadie body slams her into the floor with an indignant squeal.  From there on out Kitty's usually in for a good five minutes of being body slammed, over and over again, and possibly dragged across the living room floor.  It's got to be a little bit embarrassing for a cat that's probably slightly bigger then the baby in total surface area (although Sadie has a good eighteen pounds on her).   
Today the fight went a little bit differently. Sadie headed across the room towards Kitty. She slowed before reaching Kitty and then leaned even further forward (from her normal crawling position) so that she could get a good look at Kitty's face. Then she kissed Kitty square on the nose. Kitty was shocked and probably could have been knocked over with a feather (had she been standing).  For a brief moment I thought that the baby and Kitty had come to some sort of understanding, a truce, if you will.  If they had, it didn't last for long.  Less then twenty seconds after Sadie gave Kitty's pink nose a kiss, she picked Kitty up, by the scarf, and body slammed her into the floor.  

After about five minutes of body slamming Kitty (Sadie has an amazing attention span when she's playing with Kitty) Sadie took a break and stopped.  Then she kissed Kitty again, right on the nose.  Seconds later they were back to fighting.  

Kitty doesn't find constantly losing the fights to be the most humiliating part of her day.  For Kitty the worst part of the day is when the baby pretends like she doesn't see Kitty.  Sadie will crawl very close to Kitty and then she will pretend like she doesn't see Kitty.  She'll turn her back on Kitty and sit down, using Kitty like a very comfortable, rather indignant, sofa.  

Surprisingly enough, despite all the fighting, I think Sadie and Kitty are going to become the best of friends!

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