Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Daily Nature Walks

When we go on walks these days Sadie does more then sit and watch the clouds go by.  She pulls herself as far forward as she can, sits up straight in her little stroller and scans the landscape.  Sometimes we stop and look at the trees and touch their leaves, which Sadie originally thought was a little bit scary, but which has suddenly turned into one of the funniest things in the world.  When we walk by trees she reaches her tiny hand out as far as she can and tries to touch them.  

Trying to touch the trees is how she noticed the wind.  When she put her hand out touch one of the pine trees she felt the wind through her fingers and now, raising her hand and putting it out the side of the stroller is a favorite activity.  

She also likes to reach up and touch the drawstring on the bottom of the shade on the top of the stroller.  The funniest thing about her attacks on the drawstring is that she seems to think that she's being very naughty when she reaches for it.  I'll watch her look around to see if anyone is watching and then, when she thinks we're not paying attention, she'll reach for it.  If she sees me watching her she'll put her hand down quickly and then laugh hysterically.  

We also have a tendency to lose toys on our walks.  We always find them, because they always get "lost" at the same spot.  For some reason, the orange monkey that lives in her stroller along with her plastic keys always seem to dive out of her lap right next to the giant mud puddle at the bottom of the loop that we walk on.  

I suspect that it's not an accident, although I've never actually seen her throw them out.  Luckily it's never happened on our last lap and we always find them before we go inside.  

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