Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sadie's Favorite Non-Toy Toys

1) Nani's Umbrella- I went to find Sadie and Nani today after Paul and I had watched a movie and I found them walking back from Nini and Gigi's house.  Sadie was holding on the Nani's Umbrella with both hands and was absolutely delighted by it.

2) The Kitchen Floor-  I realized today that Sadie thinks that the kitchen is off limits.  I'm not really sure where she came up with this idea, other then the fact that she doesnt really get put down on the floor in there.  Today, when I walked out the door, Sadie, who was in the living room with Nani, watched me go and then sprint-crawled across the room into the kitchen.  That brings us to Sadie's Favorite Non-Toy #3.

3) Magazines-  Sadie is the destroyer of magazines.  She finds there crinkly smooth pages irresistible.  They're good for minutes of uninterrupted play (up to ten).  The key is to put a binkie in her mouth when she goes for the magazine, so that she doesn't feel compelled to shove the magazine into her mouth.  

4) The Couch-  Who knew that the couch could be dangerous?  When I thought of baby proofing the house, the couch seemed safe, in a large, cushioned sort of way.  That was before I understood that Sadie would be attempting to scale the couch recklessly, with very little regard to her delicate little head or that she would see nothing wrong with using the couch to stand up and then simply letting go (we do not have standing down).  

5) Mommy's New High Heels-  I used a gift certificate from my birthday to get a shiny pair of black high heels.  While I was working in the office on Tuesday after church I glanced over at Sadie and saw that she had found the spot where I had placed my shoes when I came inside.  She then proceeded to pull them into the middle of the floor.  I turned around to see what she was going to do and found her sitting over one of them, drooling into it.  I pointed it out to Paul and he announced that she's apparently a "girly-girl."

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