Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Play Time

I just walked into the living room to find Sadie and Daddy playing roll back with the ball.  This is quite a development for a baby who, only last week, looked at me like I was crazy when I tried to get her to push the ball back towards me.  The game of catch held her attention for a couple of minutes, although she has now moved on to body slamming Kitty (her stuffed Calico Cat), who was probably looking at her funny from his seat inside of the play pen.  Kitty is always good for a few minutes of wrestling, whether it's wrestling on the floor or a cage match in her play pen.  

Another favorite activity is deconstructing her toys after they have been picked up.  She isn't really all that interested in her toys when they aren't a mess, but the moment I organize them and put them back into their little places, she hones in on them, picking up each and every one before throwing it down on the floor.  When it's all over she looks a little bit disappointed, although, if I put them away again she's more then willing to repeat the exercise in destruction.  
Despite all the fun, some toys are still a little too overwhelming.  When we went to Round Table last week one of the women who worked there gave Sadie a yellow balloon.  While initially Sadie was delighted, she quickly became irritated.  The balloon clearly wasn't doing what she thought that it was supposed to do (I'm not totally sure what this was, but it involved the balloon fitting into her mouth, which meant Mommy kept being mean and taking it away).  The balloon finally fulfilled it's fun potential when we brought it home and released it in the living room.  Sammy, the cat in the house that most closely resembles Kitty, stood on her hind legs to go after the balloon, which delighted Sadie.  

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