Friday, April 10, 2009


Today is Good Friday and when I came downstairs wearing a dress I was reminded of Sadie’s newest “game,” when she saw that I was wearing a dress and raced across the room, a giddy expression on her face. Sadie’s peekaboo obsession has quickly evolved.

Sadie discovered peekaboo with her blanket. Then she started to realize that there were lots of ways to play peekaboo. The simplest way was to look in the opposite direction and then to snap her head around, while giggling hysterically. When her new playpen arrived, with its net siding, I pretended not to see her when she crouched down behind the netting and then screamed when she jumped up, squealing.

When she saw my dress this morning she was reminded of her newest idea for peekaboo, which she first tried when she saw me wearing a dress earlier this week. She crawled over, a determined look on her tiny face and grabbed the bottom of the skirt. The dress was calf length and when I saw what she was planning I put my hand on my knees (we were at church and I wanted to make sure things didn’t get too out of hand). The skirt was made out of stretchy material though, so she pulled with all her might and brought the skirt over her eyes. Instant peekaboo. She thought it was hilarious.

Unfortunately, today’s skirt was only knee length and she couldn’t quite pull the material far enough to get it to her eyes. She had to settle for closing her eyes, while pulling the skirt back and forth. Apparently this wasn’t quite as funny and after thirty seconds she lost interest.

At the service today she came up with a new version of peekaboo. I was wearing a wide brimmed hat and when Sadie saw it her eyes lit up. She grabbed the brim and started bending the brim up and down. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

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