Friday, April 17, 2009

The Almost Purple Baby

Sadie's high chair tray was completely empty yesterday when I turned around and walked my plate to the dishwasher.  I rinsed it off and squeezed it into the last remaining spot and then turned back to get Sadie.  What I saw caused me to run across the room.  She was a red color that was quickly threatening to become purple.  As I raced across the room I tried to think of what she could possibly have put in her mouth.  There was absolutely nothing that she could have reached.  

I reached her and was about to scoop her up out of her high chair when she let out a sigh and gulped in more air.  Then she started to giggle.  She had been holding her breath.  

I froze.  And very slowly, I turned around so she couldn't see my face.  I didn't want to look happy (or terrified) because I didn't want her to think that my reaction was hilariously funny and something that she wanted to try for again.  I'm really hoping it's a one time thing (at least for several years).  

Sadie is continuing to challenge me on the hearth.  She started first thing this morning, although she seemed to be listening a little bit better.  She crawled over next to the hearth and sat right next to it.  But she didn't touch it.  Then she started to reach her hand out.  Paul told her not to touch the hearth and she smiled at him sweetly.  This was repeated several time.  At one point she pretended that she hadn't been about to touch the hearth, she was really just looking under the rug that sits in front of the hearth.  As soon as Paul was out the door and on his way to school she leaned over and smacked her hand on the hearth one time.  That brought about her first time out of the day.

When we got home from Redding she headed straight over to the hearth.  I asked her not to touch it and then watched.  She reached out her hand and petted the rug, inches from the stones on the hearth.  I think she's definitely testing the rules!  But today was better then yesterday.  She only broke the "do not touch the hearth or the stove" rule three times!

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