Sunday, April 26, 2009

Words that We Know

Sadie is really starting to understand the words that people around her are saying.  And she has several favorite words (and sentences) that cause her face to light up.  Here are a few of her favorites off the top of my head:


1)  "Sadie, do you see Grumpa's tractor?"
(this results in hysterical laughter)
2)  "Is that Grumpa's truck?"
(Nani thinks that Sadie might become a mechanic when she grows up because of her intestest in trucks, tractors and in flipping her toys over upside down to see how they work)
3)  "Kitty's gonna get you!"
(this is usually followed by Kitty getting a beat down)
4)  "Do you want to pick a book to read?"
(we don't have to guess which book she will pick because it will be one of the same two books it was the last fifty million times)

Words We Know (we can only say a couple of them though)
1)  Momma
2)  Daddy
3)  Nani
4)  Grumpa
5)  Puddy
6)  Kitty
7)  Truck
8)  Tractor
9)  Towel (she demonstrated that she knows this one tonight when we got to the part in her bathtub story when the little bear gets dried off with its towel and she reached up on the edge of the bath tub and grabbed her towel).
10) Wave
11) Clap
12) No (she knows it, but doesn't necessarily listen to it)
13) and we know that she knows that ten comes after nine when we count form one to ten in time out, because when we get to nine she gets impatient and starts to kick her little legs.
14) Horse

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