Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shoe Shopping

Sadie and I went with Nani and Grumpa to Redding today and did some shoe shopping.  So far Sadie has a pair of cowboy boots, a pair of white patent church shoes and some pink shoes with hard brown soles (or at least that was where things stood before we went to shopping).  

We went to Target looking for sneakers.  I really was only planning to pick out one pair of shoes.  I had a picture of them in my head.  White sneakers with pink trim and pink shoe laces.  There might have been a picture of a princess or a Pooh Bear on them too.  When we got to Target none of the shoes met that description.  But there was a huge amount of pink.  After subjecting Sadie to trying on around a dozen shoes we had learned a few things about shoe shopping for a baby.  

First off I have a question.  Are babies who fit into size 5 shoes not supposed to be chubby any more?  Because by length Sadie's feet are comfortably a size 5.  The width just about works on most of the shoes too.  But the "height" (or chubbiness factor or maybe girth) of her foot appears to be a bit bigger.  Most of the time we could get her foot into the shoe, but then there would be a little role of chubbiness at the top of the shoe.  

So we moved up to a six (actually she was a size five in moccasins and clogs).  And we found the perfect sneakers.  But I couldn't just stop at sneakers.  She finally fits into the beautiful Wizard of Oz type sparkle shoes (in pink!).  Then I found the tacky plastic "jelly" shoes that I loved when I was little.  I tried them on her feet, just to see if they fit, but we left those on the shelf. There's plenty of time for her to discover those and fall in love with them on her own.  Lastly were the adorable clogs, because they were so easy to get on and off and so cute.  And Nani got her the soft white moccasins that will probably be the best for learning to walk around.  

Baby shoes are just so cute!  And now Sadie, who loves my shoes, has some pretty shoes of her own to play with.

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