Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  Today was a busy day.  Sadie woke up early this morning to find that the Easter Bunny had already visited Nani and Grumpa's house and there were baskets galore!  There was the basket that Mommy and Daddy had helped the Easter Bunny with, the basket that Grumpa and Nani had helped the easter basket with and the basket that the waitresses from a restaurant we eat at on Tuesday mornings had helped the easter bunny with.  It was a little bit crazy!

After breakfast we got dressed up and headed off to Mass.  Daddy had picked out her dress the day after we found out on the sonogram that she was going to be a girl (although by size we did think it would be for her second Easter) and it was very cute (the matching headband was not a hit).  

Sadie's behavior during Mass (to squeal or not to squeal) is 50/50.  Half the time she sits quietly like a little angel, her eyes fixed on what's going on up front.  However, when she decides that she's bored, she becomes a mini octopus, with eight arms and legs, mind bent on escaping.  What she's going to do when she escapes still remains to be seen.  Today she was on her best behavior.

After that we came home, had pizza for lunch, went on a walk and then headed off with the family to the Easter Egg Hunt in town.  Paul was worried.  He thought, knowing my competitive nature, that I might be, a little too... aggressive, during the egg hunt.  I assured him that I wouldn't knock anyone out of the way.  And I didn't need to (I really wouldn't have!).  We found the silver egg, which means that Sadie got a giant basket (in the top picture) full of prizes.

Now we're relaxing after a big dinner.  Sadie really seemed to enjoy her first Easter.  

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