Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Genius Baby

I know a lot of parents say this, but we have a genius baby!  This afternoon I was sitting next to Sadie on the floor by the bookshelf.  We've replaced the books on the bottom shelf with Sadie's books (because books with paper pages aren't exactly safe in the house at this point) and Sadie was pulling out the books and looking at each one, before setting it on the floor next to me.  

She has a few Spanish baby board books that have pictures of animals, babies and household objects with their names next to them in English and Spanish.  Sadie opened the book that's about babies and turned to a page that shows ten babies crawling around on the floor.  Then she pushed the book over next to me, looked at the picture, looked at me and started to crawl away.  I thought that she was done looking at the book until she stopped after about three steps and turned around and crawled back over to me.  She glanced down at the book and looked up at me with a look that was impossible to mistake.  She was showing me what the babies in the book were doing.  She seemed very proud of herself.

Sadie also wore her "church shoes" for the first time today.  They are white patent leather with cute little tiny heart cut outs(I'll put a picture of her wearing them up tomorrow because right now they are in the camera, which is in the car).  I've read that some moms believe that having "church shoes" helps little kids get the idea that when they're wearing certain shoes they have to be serious.  Sadie looked adorable in her church shoes and was very good today (although I think it may have had more to do with the length of time that we were in church, rather then the shoes).  We'll see.  Hopefully it works!

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