Monday, April 13, 2009

The Bubble-Wrap Baby

I've decided that Sadie needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap.  She has reached the age where her every movement seems determined to end in a crash.  I watched her crawl across the floor in the living room earlier today.  She is pretty good at crawling and on her way over to see me she put one hand way up in the air, like she planned on waving, and then pitched wildly the in the opposite direction, before face planting into the carpet.  Instead of crying, she rolled and was back up on her hands and knees, determined to grab the book I was reading out of my hands.  

I brought her over to play on her Cruise and Crawl.  She played with the balls on the ramp for a while and spun the little red and yellow ball around.  After about five minutes of fun she decided to see what Nani and Grumpa were doing outside (they were hanging a new hummingbird feeder, because our house is being mobbed my hummingbirds and finches) and she tipped forward and went face first into the purple hippo.  I waited for a moment to see if she would cry, because she bounces back after some particularly bad tumbles without a tear, but this time she let out a few sobs before I scooped her up.  In less then ten seconds she was laughing again.  

The most dangerous place in the house (that she frequents at least) is next to the couch.  I never realized that this particular spot was fraught with danger.  She seems intent on starting her couch scaling attempts from a corner, where the most head-banging potential exists.  I've decided that I don't just want to wrap her in bubble wrap.  I want to wrap her in bubble wrap with a special bubble wrap helmet.

I have noticed that when she's on her own (in other words, a few feet away from anyone "spotting" her) she's a little bit more careful.  She seems to focus a bit more on falling butt first, instead of simply letting go with both hands and free falling backwards.  This is somewhat comforting.  

I wonder when it gets better.  I can't imagine I'll feel like she's safer when she's up on her feet wobbling around.  It'll be so much further to the ground.

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