Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Back Pack

I finally took pictures of Sadie riding around in her sling!  She loves it and it's so versatile.  All it is really is five yards of stretchy knit cotton from the fabric store.  I found a web site that gave instructions on different ways to wear your baby, and have been practicing a few of them.  The one in the picture, where Sadie rides on my back, is our favorite, but it's also the hardest to get her into.  It's getting easier everyday though, as I start to get better at it (and quicker).

When I remember to bring the sling to church and I put her in one of the front carries it also has worked out really well.  She likes to watch the choir in the balcony in the back of the church and the sling gives her the best view.

What has really surprised me though, is how comfortable it is to wear.  I have two carriers that were great when Sadie was tiny, but as she got bigger (and heavier) they put a lot of stress on my shoulders and I couldn't carry her for very long.  When I tie her on wearing the sling the weight is usually spread out more across my hips.  We walked two miles with Sadie in the sling a few days ago and finally had to stop because she was getting sleepy.  It's also really easy to tell when she's sleepy because when she's in the sling on my back she starts to snuggle her face in between my shoulder blades.  That's the signal that it's time to get inside for a nap.

I just hope the warm fabric isn't too much for summer here (I think it will be!).  I think I'll have to look for some lighter fabric.  It's already getting hot here!


  1. sounds great! Anna is already getting too heavy in the snuggli - maybe I'll have to check this out! (You look great, by the way, Cammie :)

  2. thanks stephanie! i love all the pictures of the girls! they are so cute and they always seem so sweet together! The website I learned the wraps on is and while it took a few tries it's great!


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