Monday, April 20, 2009

Which is Better, the Box or the Toy in the Box?

Sadie's eye is almost better.  You can see it here in this picture, although the bruise where she banged it is almost gone.  I really would like to wrap her in bubble wrap for the next few months, or at least until she's sturdy on her feet.  

If you look at Sadie's knee in the picture you can also see a band-aid.  That would be because we let Sadie wear shorts for the first time yesterday and she was so hard on her knees zooming around the room, that one had a little cut this morning.  

It already feels like summer in Northern California.  It was 93 degrees at our house today at 5 o'clock this evening.  I'm really hoping that things cool off.  I want spring before summer's forced on us!  

Today I went to Redding with Grumpa and Nani (and Sadie) for the sole purpose of buying some sort of push toy for Sadie.  I was looking for a shopping cart type toy, because every girl needs a pretend shopping cart (I have pictures of myself next to my cart when I was one, wearing really cool Garfield sunglasses).  

Walmart has the largest toy section in Redding and I walked all over the place trying to find a shopping cart with no luck.  I found a lawn mower that was really cute, but not sturdy enough and a yellow vacuum that wasn't all that cute and that also wasn't sturdy enough.  Finally I found a Fischer Price Lion that could she would be able to ride or push.  The lion looked sturdy and it's when you press it's nose it lights up and plays music.  Sadie saw it in the cart and loved it.

When we got home she loved it too.  Until I took it out of the box.  Apparently I had it all wrong.  She didn't love the lion push toy.  She loved the box that the lion push toy was in.  I had Paul take the box out of the room to eliminate the competition for the lion.  I put Sadie right in front of it.  She turned around and crawled away.  I moved her back over to the lion and pressed it's nose.  She grabbed onto it and it flipped over.  It isn't nearly as sturdy as it looked in the box.  Finally I stood her up next to it to show her how it works.  She immediately sat down, grabbed it and pulled it back over her legs.  She's not quite getting the idea of how it's "supposed" to work.  Maybe the box just had more potential.

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