Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Mommy Sensor

I've noticed that Sadie has a sort of sixth sense.  It's the Mommy-is-doing-something-that-doesn't-involve-paying-attention-to-me sense.  I followed Sadie around the house today (okay, I follow Sadie around the house every day).  We started in the living room, where she played on the ground for a while, before heading into the kitchen.  I followed her, the book I've been reading in my hand, while she completely ignored me and started to tear the "Sadie Magazines" off the lowest shelf of the table.  There's a little chair next to the table and I sat down on it.  Sadie continued to act like she was alone in the kitchen.  I opened my book and... 

Sadie's Mommy Sensor went off.  I was doing something that didn't involve paying attention to her (completely at least).  She went for the book.  I closed the book and put it on the top of the table.  Sadie spent the next five minutes using all her energy climbing her way up the three levels of the table into a standing position, while I spotted for her, in case she lost her balance on one of the magazine pages she'd shredded that I hadn't yet had a chance to pick up.  

Once she was sure that I wasn't doing anything other than paying attention to her, she sat back down (with a little help) and started to crawl across the room.  After making a loop of the room she headed back into the living room (with me trailing behind).  

I was surprised when she turned right, because she has rooms that she has explored and the den and bathroom aren't on the list.  Instead she stopped in the middle of the hallway and, after failing to pull several books off of a book shelf, stood up, held onto the third shelf and pulled a glass bottle filled with agates off of it.  I caught it just as she let go (and looked disappointed that it didn't hit the ground).  

Now that she's pretty sturdy on her feet (although she didn't walk on her own today) there's a whole other level of baby proofing that is going to have to occur.  She's very determined when she wants something and she isn't deterred when I hide things from her.  She watches me and then she tries to work to get what ever it is that I've put out of her reach.  I can't believe how fast she's growing!


  1. yes, the mommy sensor is a very real and annoying thing. finley can be playing totally happily by himself for quite a while, as long as I'm sitting there staring at him. as soon as I shift my eyes to a book or magazine, or sometimes as soon as I move from the floor to a comfortable seat in a chair, finley stops playing and starts whining. it's horrible. when will it end?

  2. I think, from what I've heard at least, that it lasts for at least eighteen years. Maybe longer!


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