Thursday, May 6, 2010

80 Followers! For a few hours at least!

I'm being a little silly this morning...

You see, just last night I was explaining to my mom that I felt like I was being a little bit greedy... about... "followers" on my blog...

Yesterday, for the first time every, for a few wonderfully brief hours, I hit 80 followers. I did a little dance. And then I started to think about how 80 seemed so much closer to 100 than 79 did. So close...

Of course this morning when I signed in I saw it, in giant (okay, not so giant) numbers glaring at me from the top right corner of my page... 79 followers.

And I wonder... did I offend someone (always a distinct possibility!)? Or did someone close their blogger account? I keep my fingers crossed that it's the later rather than the former (because it's not my intention to offend people... it just sort of happens when you reject that secular worlds moral relativism), but let's face it, chances are that my thoughts on life and religion on this blog are likely to offend a sizable chunk of the internet's population. Some unsuspecting person may have stumbled upon my blog, began reading about crafts and sewing and then been blindsided by a political piece.

Now I've just got to go convince my mom to become a follower... It only took me two months of lobbying Paul to get him to sign on!

And if you don't know how you can always click on that little follow button towards the top of the page right over there ----->


Edit: My husband informs me that if I've lost a follower these last few days it was less likely that they were offended... and more likely that they simply died from boredom. Thanks honey.


  1. But you have 88 subscribers on Google Reader :0 Yay! I know all about this phenomenon - I'm totally invested in my followers. I'm devastated if someone leaves!

  2. Well, my blog is a year older than yours and I have 1/2 as many followers. If boredom is the key, then I'm in serious trouble! lol!

    btw...I've had people leave. Two stopped blogging completely. A couple others were non-Catholic Christians who liked some of my earlier posts but who did not realize I was so very Catholic. :)

  3. Haha! Well, you've got more than me! But I think your blog is more interesting than mine. I think I've lost a couple now and again. It always bums me out, but oh well! :)

    Here... I'll go join on my other blog, but I never use that one any more, but then you'll have 80!

  4. Way to go, Paul! And right before Mother's Day.


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