Sunday, May 16, 2010

Full of Grace Creations Wedding Rosary: #1

My big goal for today was taking pictures of some of my rosaries that I designed with weddings in mind. I'm really pleased with how the pictures turned out! Since Paul was at work all day my mom helped me during nap time and here's what he came up with. Here's the first one! If I get a chance I'll post some of my other favorite pictures tomorrow!


  1. beautiful! and what a creative idea, I never thought of using rosaries in a wedding bouquet. not that I am getting married anytime soon or anything, but awesome :)

  2. Just stopping by your blog to say hello its nice to come across other Catholic bloggers =)

  3. I had a wedding rosary! I love, love, love, this idea :) My bouquet had artificial flowers (I got married in January; tough weather for fresh flowers :) and so I have the intact bouquet in a vase on our mantle with the rosary will attached. I loved that I carried a sacramental with me on my wedding day in that way.


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