Saturday, May 29, 2010

Home Hunting- Part 6- Getting Ready for the Move...

These next few day are going to be very busy, although I feel like we've already gotten a lot done. Before my last post about moving we had found a washer and dryer on Craigslist for $100. The owner said that they work perfectly (and they seemed to be working since they were running when we got there at the agreed upon time to pick them up...), but that he was moving to a new house that came with a washer and dryer and he needed to get rid of them fast. I was pretty thrilled about that deal, because it will save us a lot, right away.

On Thursday after I posted about the washer and dryer, Paul called the local appliance repair man, who has a great reputation, and he agreed to meet us right away down at his storage locker. It's full of washers, dryers and refrigerators that he's bought and fixed and we picked out a rather old, large Kenmore refrigerator that was also $100. All the washers and dryers were more expensive, although they did come with a guarantee to work. So we're set there too (and I'm feeling pretty good about getting the appliances out of the way for $200!). When we do end up moving for graduate school they'll be back up on Craigslist again and with the demand we saw for washers and dryers I think that they ought to sell pretty easily as long as they still work!

Thursday afternoon Paul emailed the local internet company, after we searched for a big carrier that offered DSL (we thought that because we were moving to town DSL might be an option...) but it appears that even in town we are still in an area without DSL capabilities. That eliminates any possibility of "bundling" phone and internet, which is all that we really need. So we went with the local-only phone service (also no choice since there's only 1 phone carrier out here) without a regional or long distance carrier and a pretty basic internet plan from the local carrier, since Paul really needs it for school and since I'm planning on working a lot more on my little shop once we make the move and I have space to get organized. Sadie is going to miss watching Curious George in the mornings, like she does at Nani and Grumpa's but we do have one season of Curious George on DVD, that I think will become part of our morning routine, while I fix a breakfast.

We also signed our lease yesterday (it's month to month) and found out that things might be a little loud this week at the apartments because the sheriff is coming to evict our next door neighbor. Today we're going to start moving furniture into the garage, although we won't officially move in until the 1st. And that is our Home Hunting update!

Now I just have to remember not to lift anything heavy... that is going to be tough!

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