Thursday, May 13, 2010

Home Hunting- Part 1

We've been on a waiting list for the only affordable apartment complex in our town for the past three and a half months. When we first went in we were told that the waiting list was 3-6 months on average and since I was due 5 months from that conversation I was somewhat optimistic that we would be in a place with indoor plumbing and more than 150 square feet of room by the time that Maggie came along. We were also told that there would be updates on our status on the waiting list every month, and I was starting to panic and think that we'd somehow been taken off the waiting list since we still hadn't heard anything, so I sent Paul down to check and see if he could get an estimate of where we were on the list and how long the manager thought it would be before we made our way up to the top.

Her response this time was a little different. Instead of repeating 3-6 months she said that there were people who had been on the waiting list for 2 years who still weren't in yet, so there was no way we'd be at the top of the list anytime soon.... And she couldn't have told us that in January?!?!?

So yesterday we began exploring our other options, a process which was complicated by the fact that Paul woke up in pain with a loud clicking sound in his knee, went to the local clinic and was told that he had torn his meniscus. So now neither of us are particularly good at chasing after and scooping up a 30 lbs escaping bunny.

We've also realized after talking to relators in town that apartments are a hot commodity as there are too many people and too few apartments... some of the management companies have no apartments on the books. I found one that has one two bedroom that we're going to see today at eleven... and Paul found one that has a three bedroom in the same price range, but hasn't gotten the realtor that shows it to call him back.

There are a lot of scary slum looking places available that scream "There's-a-meth-lab-next-door" so we're being careful to avoid those (clue #1: 3 pitbulls growling outside dingy apartment with windows blocked by tinfoil).

I just hope this works out and we have a little time to move in before Maggie arrives. I think that if we pool our income and take out larger student loans this year, we can make this work...

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  1. Sorry that's being so difficult. We would have moved out of this place much sooner if it wasn't for it being so hard to find one here too. It sounds like its a bit easier here than there, but still. When you have a locked in price lower than the market... Its hard to justify leaving w/out someplace great. I hope you find something soon!


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